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Wedding Colour Selection: Tips for Cohesive Photos and Beautiful Memories

As you plan your wedding, it soon dawns on you that you need to select colours, themes, and colour profiles for your special day.

Now, this can be really tricky to figure out at the moment. You start thinking,

"Do I go with my favorite colour?”

“The colour I know looks best on the groom's tie or bow tie?”

“Should I match the venue? Match the flowers?”


“Should I copy that person I saw online?"

The answer is simple - What do you want your videos and photos to look like?

Not only are the bridesmaids' dresses important when selecting your colours, but they are also the colours that will forever be in your photos and videos. You don't want to watch them and cringe, wondering why you chose that colour!

Don't follow the example of Alyssa, who went with teal and peach just because it looked cute on Pinterest. She struggled to find flowers, cake, and decorations to suit without making the whole room peach and teal, which was a little tricky! LOL.

Like all things with weddings, there are no rules. Be yourself. However, if you are looking for something more cohesive and less jarring when you look back on your memories, here are some things to consider:

What your bridal party wears is a key part of your wedding's theme and colours. The flowers, decorations, and, more importantly, the surrounding venues, rooms, and backgrounds also play a significant role.

When you are considering options for getting ready, pay attention to the walls and furniture. If they are yellow and brown, green, or orange, those will be your backgrounds in your videos. Look for white and neutral options. Airbnb's and hotels are great choices as they provide a basic and nicer backdrop for morning shots. If you have a beautiful home to get ready in, then you're very lucky!

Next, consider your venue. If you choose a barn or shed, your wedding will have brown tones and feature hay bales, wood, and brown accents. If you want something more blue, consider waterfront venues or places with greenery like wineries and golf courses. For a cleaner aesthetic, white venues, Victorian-style venues, or places with lots of glass are suitable. If you prefer deep and dark tones, breweries or industrial rooms like Mt Duneed Estate are great options.

All these choices are stunning—it's a personal decision.

People often don't realize that the surrounding looks and colours play such a big part in the photos and videos, but they set the main tones, colours, and profiles for the wedding. So, it's worth giving it some thought beforehand. 🙂


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