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Do I need a wedding videographer?

Updated: May 4, 2023

If we had a dollar for every time we are asked this question...especially when we first started the agency!

It's an astounding YES you do.

Here is why you need to explore the idea of having little moving "camera ninjas" at your wedding ;)

This is a day you can't get back again and to see it played back on video is such a gift, there is so much you miss in the moment so this is a gorgeous way to watch it back in your own time.


Kids grow up whether they are with you now or coming into the world in the near future, there is something really sweet about being able to share the day that "mummy and daddy" got married and let your kids see you at this age, in that moment and in that time.

They weren't here yet or too young to remember it so it is really a special gift when you can show the real life day and emotions of the videos to your children as they grow up and it's also special to see other family members they love and know too.


We are lucky if they can make the our wedding day and if they do its a person you won't have in your life for as long as you might wish, so having this memory of them smiling during the ceremony, laughing over the speeches or dancing the funky money on the Dance floor is a treasured moment in life and this is time you can never get back.

Photographers are often focused on the list of photos required of them and stick to all your moments over the day - family will make the cut but not all moments can be caught. With a film crew especially through our agency Angry Chicken Media Weddings you have two shooters who are filming across you the couple and the guest.

Photographers are focused on the list of photos required of them and stick to all your moments over the day - family will make the cut but not always all day and all moments where as a film crew can be everywhere and be focused on them move over the bigger moments and not only on your two as we have two shooters working the event.


We offer both in our agency but even we call a photographer an "Add on" because we understand that videos should be a no brainer. Photos are beautiful and they serve their purpose of looking amazing and catching your love frozen in time, but videos bring the laughter, the joy, the emotions that you simply can't get from photos alone.

We ourselves (Alyssa and Travis) made the mistake of not prioritise the film aspect of our wedding and it was the one thing we regretted the most. We simply didn't see the value at the time and glad we caught something of our day but if we could do it again we would put more money and focus on our precious memories because we started filming from the ceremony only and lost the most precious parts of seeing us both getting ready with the people we treasured most and don't see often.

We offer a full agency that covers Photo, Film and Drone and we bring the highest quality of service and product with our in-house crews and project manager you can learn more about the discounts on offer with our agency here when you are booked with Ivory Pavilion


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