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DIY versus Venue

Updated: May 31, 2023

You might think it’s easier and cheaper to go with DIY for your wedding but is this the cheaper way to go?

Well it can be if you have a-lot of the furniture and purchase things second hand or make arbors and tables yourself, but if you need to hire it all you can see for yourself the cost start to really pile up.

Based on 100 guests here are the following numbers we found see the graphics is a draft and the full write up is below it.

Of course some costs will be higher and some lower but based on suppliers in Geelong, Ballarat and surrounds this is the basic cost expected and at the lower end.


  • Marquee - $2000-3000 (set up and pack down takes day before and day after so need to be available for the set up before and after. This cost includes labor, toilets, car parking - basically a DIY venue.

  • Chairs - Hampton Cross back like we offer $800 hire reception chairs

  • Trestle tables $1200 - evening tables, cake and gifts tables all table hire.

  • Ceremony off location (based on public gardens $120 (Buninyong Botanical is through council for $120) or you might do at the same property your setting up at so no cost to ceremony grounds. (not in the tally below)

  • Ceremony chairs - Americana like we offer $600 (sometimes includes Arbor hire packages) Est another $200-350 for arbor hire based off Hexagon like we offer.

  • Signing table and chair $150 (added to package for some hire places)

  • Water Station - $20

  • Pre Drinks vans or pop up bar options for DIY.

  • Pop up Bar - like in our grassy area, glassware, signs $350-$500.

  • Staff to serve bar $1000 for 5 hours est.

  • Bar tables $450-600 (6 large seat 6 or small round ones 10x

  • Bar stools $300-450 (based on 20 we have 36.

  • Lawn games (purchase or hire $200-400)

  • Green wall backdrop $300 ours is set and you can add your own sign or use our LOVE LED.

  • LED light - $800-1200 (purchase your own)

  • Wine barrels - Based off 6x which we offer $600

  • White sheer curtains for behind bridal table $200

  • Fairy lights - hire $200 purchase $100-180

  • Pop up Bar - like in our grassy area, glass wear, signs $350-500

  • Staff to serve bar $1000 for 5 hours

  • Staff to serve meals $800-1000 for 4 hours service.

  • Chandelier hire - like the two we have hanging (don’t exist cant hire)

  • Might choose to add an antique lounge to the event for $400.

  • Cleaning - yourself and family or hire cleaners $350-500 for 4 hours two cleaners (not in tally below)

  • Before Food and Drinks and based on the LOWEST of the above scenarios TOTAL $9720 for a DIY wedding at the lowest scenario.

  • Add Drinks - IF BYO est $2500 (pick up local store)

  • Add Food - If Spit roast or Vans $30 per head if catering $60 per head.

Estimated Total Wedding: $15,220 (not including Dress, Suits, Celebrant, Photo and Film, Music)


  • Ceremony - chairs, arbor, signing table, wine barrel, water station.

  • Cocktail lounge set up with staff, bar seating and tables in beautiful floor to ceiling windows, grassy area for lawn games and pop up bar on the grass as well as inside.

  • Balconies with lounges for outdoor seating options overlooking the natural views.

  • LED sign, green wall, lounges. Antique lounge.

  • White cross back chairs for reception - around trestles or round tables set up for you in the most gorgeous large venue complete with bar, stage, balcony and all the furniture, items, cutlery and glassware as well as plates and boards etc.

  • Staff to serve drinks and food and security cleaning and NO need for you to be available to set up or pack down your event liaison manages the suppliers so you can get on with enjoying the day & night.

  • Before Food and Drinks Cost $6600 incl GST (set package no more to pay)

  • Add Drinks - $40 per head for 5 hours or min spend of $1500 and cash bar $4000

  • Add Food - If Spit roast or Vans $30 per head if catering $60 per head. $3000

ESTIMATED TOTAL WEDDING: $13,600 (not including Dress, Suits, Celebrant, Photo and Film, Music)

Still think DIY will suit you best? Great, amazing, have fun bringing it all together and we know it will be magical. 🙂

Want what we have to offer less effort, more budget friendly and just a stunning venue to boot? Check your date with us here or book in a visit if your looking at your options

Blog by Alyssa Strangwick, Creative Director, Angry Chicken Media Weddings and owner Ivory Pavilion


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