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Filming & Photography

Ivory Pavilion Weddings and Events Venue Filming and Photography

We offer two packages in our agency.

  • Premium 10 hours

  • Deluxe for 8 hours

We offer our weddings with two videographers who capture a party each getting ready and then work together to cover the day perfectly. 


Our owners have over 10 years in filming, the agency uses 4K, develop and train the crew that now work for them shooting the weddings in the agency. "Our couples love the easy going and professional approach of our crews" 


Angry Chicken Media Weddings is one of the best and most sought out wedding agencies in Geelong & Ballarat and when you're booked in at Ivory Pavilion you can receive a discount off your Photography & Videography Packages.


You only need to pay 50% to secure your booking with the crew and the other part is not due till your 4 week out meeting to go over everything in more detail with Alyssa. The filming services are separate to the venue deposits and costing and will be invoiced separately through Angry Chicken Media Weddings. 


View our examples and book in our crew for your wedding when you book in the Ivory Pavilion.

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