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Intimate Weddings Package



$3500 + GST  

($3000 OFF PEAK)


  • Cocktail Lounge

  • Balcony

  • Beer Garden

Cocktail Lounge Highlights:

  • Stylish gold & black velvet bar stools

  • Elegant white and black bar tables

  • Option to add a trestle for a bridal table and one or two cafe tables for a low seating for older guests.

  • Kitchen access included

  • Bar and staff provided

Ceremony Setup:

  • Ceremony from 3pm onward.

  • 25 white chairs

  • Hexagon arbor ( only outside) 

  • Double triangle or Gold Plinth with flowers included for indoors ceremony. 

  • Signing table and chairs

  • Option to get married inside the grand room and then move guests back across to the cocktail lounge for reception.

Access Details: Set up, Furniture, Pack down and 2 hours total time on the golf course location (30 mins for set up included) or 1 hour when inside as the photos and guest will simply leave after they congratulate your after the ceremony and we will close this room off again while staff reset for the next Wedding to be held.

Drinks Package:

  • Min Spend $700 (GST included)

  • Or $45 for 4 hours or $55 per head (GST included) drinks package.


Availability: Not available on Saturdays


Curfew: 10pm

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-19 at 14.07.42_3840ce51.jpg

Food  & Meals

Our venue does not offer food so couples can choose to have Catering, Food platters, Buffet or Food Trucks & Vans - We offer a kitchen in our venue for catering to serve from and our staff will happily serve the meals however is needed.


Please see our wedding business & suppliers directory on our website to access our local options to suit all styles and budgets.

If you're not sure of your food options and have concerns of managing this part of your day or event liaison will simply discuss what style and budget of food suits and guide you to who would suit your needs.

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