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Don't Forget the Little Things: A Checklist for the Bride's Wedding Day Kit

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Don't Forget the Little Things: A Checklist for the Bride's Wedding Day Kit

With so much to think about and do, it's easy to forget the little things that can make a big difference on your wedding day. In this blog post, we'll cover some essential items for the bride's wedding day kit that you might not have thought of. Some you'll want to include, and some you might leave out – the choice is yours!


  • Small bag you’re taking to the wedding but it's in the care of your family or bridal party. Big enough for a little touch-up, phone and bits.

  • Coat hangers for your dress and bridesmaids as photographers and videographers will shoot the dresses hanging up.

  • Bridal underwear (spare in case always have a fresh pair in your kit)

  • lip gloss or lipstick to refresh for later. (Ask makeup artist if she will be giving you one to match what she used)

  • Bobby pins - always! Fly away hair, veils, or bridesmaid’s flyaways .always have a few spares they are must-haves.

  • Band aids - blisters are no fun throw a few in the bag.

  • Card for "hubby to be" and possibly a gift (remember he might read it out on your video of your day so speak from the heart these are your words to each other on your biggest day in your love story)

  • The instructions or tools to do up the wedding dress.

  • Someone to allocate to pin up the dress later in the evening when the train is no longer needed.

  • Clear nail polish - helps keep chips or breakage at bay.

  • Safety pin - encase of a dress fix needed for you, kids or bridal party.

  • Boob tape (Hollywood tape is not the same) - practice how to put it on, it can take some brides nearly 10 mins just to set it in place. (Fold toilet square over nips not adhesive!) 😳😘 see article here to help

  • Allocate someone to watch how veil goes in as you're going to take that in and out a few times especially during photos.

  • Scissors - bring a pair to bridal prep something always needs to be cut off - tags, stray cotton, new hair pieces..anything!

  • Matching wine glasses for everyone in prep it's likely you will pour a champagne and have a cheers on camera so have a fresh set ready to go - $12 from Target or even most supermarkets have a few boxes.

  • An alcohol free option to cheers with for younger bridal party attendees and pregnant bridesmaids. (Appletiser is a good old classic) we also highly recommend this drink Summer Snow it looks like wine and taste very similar to a Cider sold in our local Foodworks in Buninyong in the fridge. In the far right corner of the store. (OK we might drink a few)

  • Water! Sipping wine is a great way to relax the nerves but too much of the good thing without some of the H2O will see you dehydrated and possibly getting a headache later.

  • Eat! Yes it's tricky when your so busy and so nervous but even crackers, dips, strawberries just putting something in your tum because the ceremony comes and goes and off on photos, it's hours before you eat unless you arrange with your venue/catering to bring down nibbles before you go on bridal photos.

  • Bottle opener for any gentleman or woman drinking beers or ciders that need one.

  • A clean area to put your dress on! With so many bags, people and stuff in your room during prep, allocate a window, mirror or wall area that you keep clear for photos of you getting your dress on. Plastic bags in the background do not look so romantic. 🫣

  • Flat shoes - sneakers, ballet flats..don't let sore feet in high heels be the reason you can't party the night away!

  • Key to the house or accommodation- make sure whoever is last out the door locks it and brings the key and you have it later to get into your room be it where you started or somewhere else.

And the biggest piece of advice from one ex bride, wedding videographer/photographer and venue owner is enjoy! The day is here, it's too late to worry and stress today, it's done! You did the hard work and now let your bridal party, family and suppliers take the lead, you just ask, delegate and enjoy the whole day. 😍

Blog by Alyssa Strangwick, Creative Director, Angry Chicken Media Weddings and owner Ivory Pavilion


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